How much is enough?

If you only ever read one book relating to finance and life make sure it's this one. 

You in 5 Years (Video)

People say you can't predict the future and they're right but that doesn't mean you can't plan for the things you want. Planning at least gives you the chance of achieving the things you want but not planning will guarantee you won't.

Life is too short to stuff a mushroom!

I had an interesting meeting recently with some long standing clients who, in a simple sentence, summed up an approach to life which, along with good financial control, can make a serious difference to the amount of free time we have and what we do with it.

Can Less be More?

Choices, choices!

One of the clear benefits to life these days is choice. But is all this choice really helpful?

The clock is ticking

Have you noticed how much faster time goes as you get closer the end of a holiday?