Our investment process

The key to any good investment decision is knowing which path to take

Investable assets are likely to form one the largest parts of your 'Virtual Lifestyle Account' . How these assets are managed is hugely important to your current and future financial well being.

Because they're so important, we don't take any chances or make any assumptions. All our investment decisions are made according to your goals and views. This means you are far less likely to experience any surprises or developments you're not prepared for.

No investment is without risk however so our investment process has been developed over many years to be robust but easy to understand in order to provide peace of mind, even in times of significant market uncertainty.

Our investment process has 4 key stages:

Risk Assessment

The foundation of any good investment decision is understanding how you feel about risk. A short questionnaire helps us establish your views to various 'what if' scenarios which we compare to your own personal views. This provides a much more accurate starting point to create a suitable investment.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation relates to how we split an investment into different sections. Think of these sections as pieces of your investment pie.....each carrying different risks and potential rewards. Using the results of our risk assessment process, we tailor investments to you as an individual and your personal circumstances.

Investment Fund Selection

In each of the 'pieces of your investment pie' we place various individual investment funds. This is where your money actually sits and provides further diversification to your overall investment. We have 3 priorities when choosing these investment funds:-

  • Impact on volatility (risk)
  • Performance
  • Cost

Regular Reviews

We regularly review our investment process to make sure the assets you have worked hard to build are managed in line with your attitude, goals and changing circumstances.