Benefits to you

“What's in it for me?” - the benefits of Financial Planning Partnership

Create more time

No-one can create more actual time but we can create more 'free time'. 

We help you to understand not only what's important in your life but also what isn't, so you don't waste any of the valuable time you have. 

This is about using time more consciously and intentionally rather than because of habits, obligations or expectations.  

Have more fun – Enjoy the 'Good Stuff'

This is where we start thinking about what’s really important. Here are some of the goals identified by our planning partners:-

  • I want a better work life balance now!
  • I want enough money to retire before age 65
  • I want to send my children to private school / university
  • I want my business to be successful and achieve recognition
  • I want to watch the test match in Australia before I die

We identify what’s important to you. The things that bring you real pleasure and satisfaction. We all have to prioritise because no matter how much money we have, one thing limits us all - time but we'll show you how 'less can sometimes be more'.

Feel more secure

Using your 'virtual lifestyle account', we highlight whether there are or will be any financial concerns should your current lifestyle continue.

We outline what’s good, what needs to be improved, what’s working and what isn’t.

This means you don’t have to rely on ‘hoping’ or ‘assuming’ that the future will be OK.