Who we can help

The most important thing is that we like and respect each other.

Your relationship with a financial planner is critical to your security and well being. If the relationship is open and trusting, it delivers lots of benefits, even though sometimes you have to be willing to see things from a different perspective. We don't insist on pre-requisites for taking on new 'Financial Planning Partners'That said, if any of the following applies, you'll have the most to gain from what we do.

  • You are age 35 - 70.
  • You are a professional / management level employee or business owner.
  • You have concerns about financial security and a desire to address these.
  • You are often time poor and frustrated you are not getting around to doing the things you want or spending time with the people most important to you.
  • You have one specific or a number of goals you want to achieve either now or in the future.
  • You have a desire to enjoy life to the full.