What our clients say

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Chrysalis have been invaluable in assisting the management of both our personal and business finances. Lyndon has helped us with goal setting and also played an integral part in ensuring we achieve those targets. The service provided is very efficient and is tailored to our specific needs; which brings with it a great sense of security and satisfaction and enables us to be confident that we have robust plans in place for the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lyndon to other clients looking for a professional service from someone they can trust

Dr Andrew Lloyd & Dr Leanne Nicholls

Owners & Principle Dentists at Cudworth Dental Surgery Ltd

We had always made provision, always been careful with financial issues and regularly saved; but we saved not really knowing if our savings were sufficient for our future plans and if these savings were working to their potential. Chrysalis has given us the expertise we needed. We are confident that our future plans, from holidays when we retire to seeing our sons through University, have been planned for. Chrysalis have listened to our wishes and turned them into future realities.

Wendy & Paul Allen

Teacher & Assistant Deputy Headteacher

Having been clients for many years, Lyndon has helped us through many life changes, both financial and personal. Knowing that Chrysalis has our family’s best interests at heart gives us confidence and reassurance in the decisions we make.

Steven & Michelle Nixon

Business Development Manager (Europe, Middle East & Africa) at Bernhard & Co and Clerical Officer

Over recent years we have built up a relationship with Lyndon at Chrysalis, whose experience and guidance has helped us considerably to become increasingly more financially 'aware' and in control of our own financial situation. Lyndon's advice and guidance has shown consideration both for our present lifestyle and future needs. This has given us reassurance about our financial situation in the long term, which is very important during retirement - whilst also delivering specific and very helpful advice on short term outlays and creating the necessary access to savings etc. We feel that our investments are appropriately monitored through Chrysalis, and are always discussed with ourselves on a regular basis. Without doubt, we are receiving a very personable service, delivered in a knowledgeable, confident and user friendly manner. Thankyou.

G. Amos & M. E. Amos

Retired Senior Teacher & Assistant Headteacher

Chrysalis have provided a valuable, reliable and unbiased service that has been tailored to meet our personal needs. This has allowed us to look forward to a more positive future.

Victor & Margaret Fleming

Retired Teachers