Your ‘virtual lifestyle account’

Cutting edge technology to create your perfect lifestyle.

We use the most advanced financial planning computer software available to create a 'Virtual Lifestyle Account' which is unique to you. Think of this as a bank account for your whole life.

This allows us to answer many questions like:-

  • What age (exactly) can you retire?
  • How much money (exactly) do you need to retire?
  • Do you need to save more money for the future?
  • Can you spend more now?
  • In short, we'll tell you how much money (exactly) you need in your life to be 'completely secure'.

We all understand how bank accounts work. Money comes in e.g. your salary and money goes out e.g. your mortgage and bills etc.

At the end of all that you have a balance and the aim (hopefully) is for that balance to stay positive.

Your 'Virtual Lifestyle Account' acts in a similar way but on a much bigger scale. This time, as well as your salary, the money coming in includes all your other current and future income such as state benefits, pensions and single items including potential inheritances.

For money going out, we also include all other current and future expenditure e.g. weekly shopping, holidays and running your car as well as single items such as plans to move house or the cost of your children's education. Once again the aim is to maintain a positive balance. 

By utilising sophisticated planning software, we provide simple but informative views of your 'Virtual Lifestyle Account' balance. This quickly allows you to see how healthy your current and future financial life is.

Why is the account Virtual?

The most important benefit of your 'Virtual Lifestyle Account' is the ability to 'experiment' with your financial future in a protected environment.  This is where you can see the financial result, in an instant, of various 'what-ifs'. This could be early retirement, moving home, changing jobs, starting a family or any other possibility.

It's a sneak peek into your future. So if you want to consider it, we can show you it.